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Isn’t it great when you don’t have to worry about anything; when you can simply say to someone, “Here… run with it” and know a task will be handled? Well, that’s why I’m here: to be that someone. To make your job easier. As an experienced American male voice over talent, you can TRUST that I will understand your needs. Ask questions. Skillfully interpret your script to give proper weight to the words. Speak with your audience on their level. Offer alternate reads to give you options. Meet or beat your deadline. Consistently deliver the highest quality audio. Work with you to take the headache out of revisions. Many common questions are answered here. Hey… I’m here for you. How can I help?

What Sets Me Apart? I Get It.

While working as in-house narrator and Audio Producer with two corporate (business) multimedia production houses, I daily engaged directly with clients, writers, art directors, photographers, video editors… everyone involved in the creative production process. This unique hands-on experience yielded invaluable insight into the needs of corporate / industrial clients and how they are best satisfied. My background also includes writing, voicing and producing award-winning, entertaining radio advertising for the New York City market. The bottom line: I am an effective communicator in business to help your business. I love what I do… and do it well. Count on me now.

Who and Why

Over the years, companies with which I’ve shared my business communications expertise have included Actavis Pharmaceuticals, ADP, AT&T, Boccard, Carestream Health, Epicor Software, Honeywell, Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Lytix Biopharma, Merrill Lynch, Siemens Healthcare, Stryker Orthopaedics, Synovus Financial and Xerox. You have a wide choice of male voice over talent. My clients know I make their jobs easier because they can rely on me to turn their projects around accurately and quickly, but without sacrificing quality. It’s simply a matter of trust. Join them. Get in touch.

It’s All About Your Audience

We respond positively to those who sound confident. We’re attracted by their knowledge. Their passion builds our interest and holds our attention. Whether conveying your image, selling a product or service, or instructing customers or employees, the maximum benefit is achieved when your audience believes what they hear. And that sense of trust comes only when they’re listening to an effective communicator.

“You sound as though you were one of our own technicians!”

  — Frank Olson, Senior Project Manager, Western Electric Company —


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Meet the Voice of “What We Do,” “How To Do It”
and “How It Works”

From telling your story to describing the intricate mechanics of a product, nobody explains things better. Hi! I’m Mike Harrison, a uniquely qualified, creative Professional American male voice over talent. Established and extremely versatile, I specialize in credible, fluent corporate or business voice over narration and eLearning voice over narration – including explainer video narration and technical narration – plus commercial voice overs and other types of productions. For animated projects, or others that venture off the beaten path – including game-based learning or role-play, there’s a large palette of creative male animation voice characterizations to fill the bill.

I’m Ready to Help Now: Read More, Play Demos or Get the Wheels Turning

Credible, Fluent Narration…
or a Creative Voice-over Potpourri

Looking for a straightforward facts ‘n’ figures business narrator? Or a blue-collar industrial narrator? You’ve come to the right place. But even when your project doesn’t fall squarely into those categories, isn’t it nice to know there’s a male voice over talent who cannot be pigeon-holed… and who is as versatile as the day is long? Someone who, in an instant, can go from the boardroom to outside the box℠… or anywhere in between?

“Mike Harrison’s work is first-class. He’s outright gifted and can handle an enormous range of directions, inflections and characterizations. I’ve twisted Mike around a wide variety of jobs from presenting business services for AT&T to selling floor tile with an authentic Hawaiian accent and he’s done them all brilliantly. Highly recommended!”

  — A Producer of Corporate Communications —


Your Audio Delivered via FTP or Broadband

Whether you’d care to direct me live or have me record and send the finished audio to you, I’ve got you covered. Simple. Gotta love simple!

Experience, Enthusiasm and Versatility Make the Difference

For corporate narration (business narration), industrial narration, eLearning narration, game-based learning voice-over, documentary narration, explainer video narration, museum narration, audiobook narration, medical narration, technical narration or anything in between or above and beyond…

For all digital media requiring spoken word, I aim to be your partner in effective communication.

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