Why You Benefit From My Unique Qualifications

While working as Production Director at a radio station in the New York City suburbs, I performed a couple of narrations for a corporate multimedia production agency, which then brought me on board as in-house narrator and Audio Producer. For a broad variety of Fortune 500 companies, I worked daily with writers, art directors and producers to create corporate identity pieces, product launches, training modules, national sales meetings – all types of internal and external communications. My ability to understand their very often technical and/or jargon-laden scripts and convey them in a fluent, conversational tone was so appreciated by clients that they rarely attended narration recording sessions.

After co-founding a small advertising agency, the radio commercials I wrote, voiced, and produced aired scores of times weekly on the highest rated New York City stations.

A return to corporate media production had me again voicing and producing audio tracks, frequently co-directing video post sessions, and providing backstage technical support, including teleprompter coaching for client executives and managers.

In early 2008, I was invited to spend a week in the studio of a European speech technology company, recording random passages that would be later dissected and stored as fragments for enabled devices (such as GPS) to assemble on-the-fly into coherent, human-sounding speech.

In the 2015 BBC Radio 4 documentary “JD Salinger’s Spiritual Quest,” I provided the voice of the enigmatic author.

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The Bottom Line

1. You benefit from my experience.
Long experience in voice-over, audio production and copywriting. Words are my business. I welcome suggestions and guidance, however, so your needs are completely met. Please check my collection of demos to hear many examples of my range and versatility.

2. You can consider me a member of your team.
Accessible, prompt and professional, I’m here when you need me, with those reasonable, uniquely human exceptions, of course. Fast turnaround, too, in most cases, but never at the expense of quality. And I’ll always work to stay within your budget.

3. My job is to make your job easier.
This is where you shoot me an email with a script attached, saying you need it turned around pretty quickly. I reply with a couple of questions to clarify your needs and then, the next thing you know, you receive a link to download the finished audio. Boom! And, if approval is needed beforehand, I’m happy to record a couple of paragraphs at no charge. In any case, I strive to make you look good.

4. I’m a professional, and use professional tools.
My equipment is made by companies known and respected throughout the world for more than several decades. This is not a hobby. Whether voice-over for radio and TV commercials or telephone prompts, or narration for eLearning, marketing, explainer or other types of corporate application, you can count on me to consistently deliver my best work, guaranteed.

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