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Voice over Client List Testimonials Mike Harrison

Some Client Feedback

“Mike Harrison’s work is first-class. He’s outright gifted and can handle an enormous range of directions, inflections and characterizations. I’ve twisted Mike around a wide variety of jobs from presenting business services for AT&T to selling floor tile with an authentic Hawaiian accent and he’s done them all brilliantly. Highly recommended!”

— A Producer of Corporate Communications —

“You sound as though you were one of our own technicians!”

— Frank Olson, Senior Engineer & Project Manager, Western Electric Company —

“Mike did a really amazing job. He was absolutely spot-on for 5 days in a row without the slightest change in pitch, voice quality and speech rate – he is now known as Mike ‘the machine’ Harrison within the company.”

— A European Speech Technology Company —

“Clear, articulate and explanatory, with a wonderful range of style and ability.”

— An eLearning Producer —

“Mike did a fantastic job with the voice over of our corporate video. We would recommend his services and will be using him again in future.”

— Nabila Salem, FDM Marketing Manager —

“I happen to be a pretty obsessive writer/director and when I get in the booth, I don’t come out until the spot is perfect. And when I work with Mike, I know I’m going to be happy, the client’s going to be happy and that I’ll want to try to write another spot with Mike’s voice in my head.”

— Kevin Freidberg, Senior Copywriter/Director The VIA Group —

“When I’m looking for a creative collaborator, there’s only really three simple (but elusive) things I’m looking for:

1 Creativity.
2 Enthusiasm.
3 Professionalism.

Mike not only has all of these qualities, but he has them in such abundance that they quite literally go off the scale!”

— Richard Fenwick, Director, Richard Fenwick Films —

“Sounds great… the recording is clear and articulate as well as emotional and dynamic.”

— An Educational Book Publisher —

“Just wanted to let you know the client was thrilled with the opening module you read for us. Thanks!”

— Joshua Ward, Producer, Altered Image —

“Thanks for a great voice session… really enjoyed working with you.”

— Dan Akers, Creative Producer/Writer, Global Creative (London) —