Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you?

Long experience working with words. From effective radio commercials through myriad corporate communications vehicles. The sound of one’s voice is not nearly as important as the ability to properly interpret the words in a script and deliver them in a credible, fluent manner, instilling confidence in the audience that what they’re hearing is true. Knowing how to reach and hold the attention of an audience is key to their retaining what they hear. In addition to this experience, my technical skills ensure you will receive recordings of the highest quality.

Do you have your own studio?

I sure do. Based in MacOS, my studio features the Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Condenser Microphone, the Neumann TLM 103 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, the Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Pro Microphone Preamplifier, and the Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 interface.

Do you also edit your recordings?

Absolutely. And I’m an excellent editor. No one is better at seamlessly inserting new material into recordings made days, weeks or even months earlier. As a result, updates won’t sound any different.

Do you add any dynamic processing, like EQ or compression, to your voice?

Unless requested otherwise, apart from just a touch of compression to handle sudden peaks in the audio level, no. For two reasons: First and most importantly, when sending my work to other studios, there’s a good chance my voice may be mixed with music and/or sound effects. Studios need the ultimate flexibility in shaping the sound of my voice to their needs. Second, technical consistency is just as important as performance consistency. As I mentioned in the previous Q/A, the ability to make seamless changes to work recorded days, weeks or even months earlier is extremely important. Having to spend time re-creating the same “sound” used previously is very inefficient. In short, my recordings are very natural-sounding: 100% organic and contain no “artificial ingredients.”

Can you help me if my script needs a bit of smoothing?

Aha. You must be a psychic. Copywriting (and editing) is another of my specialties. I can definitely help you there.

So who have you done work for? Anyone I’d know?

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with quite a number of Fortune 500 companies, in the US and around the world: ADP • Alcatel-Lucent • Allergan • AT&T • Comcast • CommScope • Epicor • Ericsson • Finastra • FujiFilm • GE Healthcare • GSK • Honeywell • IBM • Johnson & Johnson • McKesson • Merrill Lynch • Open Text • Oracle • Pfizer • Philips Healthcare • Siemens Healthcare • Stryker Orthopaedics • Synovus • Wolters-Kluwer Health • Xerox and others. Several have said some very nice things.

What kind of turnaround can I expect?

Depending on the length of the script, I can usually deliver within 24 hours; sometimes sooner, sometimes later. In either case, though I’m very good and efficient, I never cut corners on quality. As much as we might like fast food, we do prefer it be cooked thoroughly.

What if I need something yesterday?

Well, I’m no magician, but if available, I can deliver the same great quality work within an hour or two – again, depending on what it is – but rush charges may apply.

Can you tell me what your rates are?

Rates vary by project. If you can tell me your project’s intended use and the length of the completed script, I can come up with a figure for you within a short time.

Someone offered to record my script for much less. Why should I hire you?

Simply being able to read and speak is, thankfully, not enough to be considered a professional voice talent. And there’s too much that is required to spell it all out here. Unless you wouldn’t mind using the guy who recorded your Aunt Fanny’s voicemail, there are very good reasons for the difference in rates, and all of them are evident in the results.

How does payment work?

Accepted forms of payment are company checks, direct deposit, and PayPal. DISCOUNT AVAILABLE: Payment terms by check are 2% 15, Net 30. A 2% savings can be had by paying in full within 15 days of the session or delivery of the finished track. Otherwise, full payment is expected within 30 days.

How do we get the wheels rolling?

Whenever you’re ready, just give the word. Check my Contact page.

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