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Corporate/Business Voice over

Business narration like nobody’s business.

Credible Corporate Narration Reinforces Your Company’s Image

As your expert male corporate voice over/ narrator (or business voice), I’ll be welcoming visitors to your website, introducing them to your company and its products or services, and/or explaining how to operate and achieve the best results from your products. It will be credible, fluent voice-over narration that instills confidence in the listener. Confidence that assures them what they are hearing is the real deal. I’ll also humanize your business and solidly present your image to the world.

Credible Corporate Narration Maximizes Engagement and Retention

The right business narrator’s voice is easy to listen to but, first, it must give your words their proper weight. Effective communication; reaching and holding the attention of the audience – speaking to them on their level – is essential to ensuring your message is delivered. Describing to employees, shareholders, partners, customers, or learners important material in a way they’ll easily understand it – and, more importantly, retain it – is key to effective communication, and it is my specialty.

Corporate / Business Narration — for video or other medium — includes compliance, image/identity, recruitment, PR/advertising support, public affairs, employee relations, employee benefit programs, product responsibility, new product introductions, sales/promotion meetings, technical and training tutorials.

From instructing telephone company technicians on the workings of the first digital switching systems, to a fun, web-based tutorial on the principles of trajectory, through narrating surgical procedures, I’m able to digest even complex subject matters and explain them fluently. It all comes down to results: how much your audience remembers and is able to apply in the future. You need a completely believable corporate narrator who becomes your expert.

“You sound as though you were one of our own technicians!”

Much more than just talking, you need a business voice who takes the knowledge that went into the script and makes it worth listening to and absorbing. Whether you call it business narration or corporate narration, business voice-over or corporate voice-over, have it handled expertly by a narrator who truly sounds like he knows what he’s talking about: credible voice-over narration by Mike Harrison Voiceover Services.

Listen to some of the samples in the player to the left, then get in touch. I’m here to help.